Family of the Month

Family of the Month - September

This brother Knight and his wife have been active in the Council for many years. He co-chaired the Labor Day Picnic she helped cook the meal and setup the food table. He set up All Saints Church for the Installation of Officers. He is the Chairman of the KCIC program, fills the candy machine, managed the Family Breakfast for the past two years, and has helped with the Blood Drive. He can often be found setting the hall for many events. He is an officer of the Council. She is serving as the Secretary of the Ladies Auxiliary of George Brent and the Secretary or the Fourth Degree Ladies. I have known this Brother and his wife since they joined the Council.

I select Billy and Judy Bolton as the September 2017 Family of the Month for the George Brent Council.

What can I say about this couple? They do everything and anything that this Council needs, from Family Breakfast, helping with Blood Drives, all the youth parties and Council parties and the Club Room. She is also one of the Ladies Officers.

It is my pleasure to award Family of the Month for February to John and Sue Masarick