October 2017

This month I chose a lady that keeps thing lively wherever she is at the moment. She is a sub in the bingo kitchen and chairs many events with her husband. Together they chair the blood drives here at the hall, the soccer challenge and the basketball free throw. They also have chaired the dinner and movie night. She is very detail oriented and plays devil advocate in our officers meeting, to make sure we look at both side of every issue. She is the keeper of our money and loses sleep if the books are a penny off. She also is the person that brings in the lady of the month flower. Little did she know, she was shopping for herself this month. It is my pleasure to give this award to Dawn Myers as our September Lady of the month.

Important dates to Remember

October 7 - Kitchens Managers Training
October 15 – Family Breakfast
October 9 – Our next ladies meeting
October 21 – 50’s & 60’s dance
October 14 – Bingo Appreciation Dinner & Show
October 28 – Children’s Halloween Party
October 28 – Aquia Field Mass
Every Tuesday – Rosary in Club Room 7:00

Bingo Kitchen Schedule:

Thurs. Oct. 12 – Carol S., Janet M., Audreenia D.
Sun. Oct.22 – Sue M., Tuxa S., Carol S., Mary Ann
Thurs. Oct 26 – Judy A., Nancy S., Gloria P., Ellie D.
Sun. Oct. 29 - Roses

Ladies, please remember to bring a food item for the Bethany Pantry to our meetings. Let’s fill those shelves.

Thank you to all the ladies that came out to help with the first Family Breakfast of the Fraternal year. We had a huge crowd, and plenty of food to go around. Thank you to PGK Carlos Sousa and PP Tuxa Sousa for all their hard work to make it a success. We look forward to working with everyone in the future Family breakfast Sundays.

Welcome New Members:

We would like to invite wives, daughters (18 or older) mothers, mothers-in-laws and sisters of knights to visit one of our meetings and consider joining the auxiliary. This month, we would like to welcome Ginny Billeaud, Michaela Myers, Ann Hadro, and Rose Akpati as our newest members. We look forward to working with these ladies this year.

Officers for the fraternal year are:

Sue Masarick, President 703-368-1603
Tuxa Sousa, Vice President 571-355-9160
Judy Bolton, Secretary 571-432-8552
Dawn Myers, Treasurer 703-868-7073
Suzette Curry, Historian 240-993-6756

Sue Masarick

Ladies President